SWIM Case Study

Linentablecloth.com – A Cautionary Tale

Internet Retailer 500 Linentablecloth.com has a 12-year history of growth challenges, not least of which was finding a warehouse management system (WMS) that would solve the myriad of fulfillment challenges Linentablecloth faced.

Back in 2008 when Linentablecloth’s daily average order totals exceeded 50 per day, the first “Stone Age” WMS was tried with limited success. But the company quickly outgrew it’s capabilities. Thus began years of uncertainty trying WMS software. Software vendor promises were plentiful but the promises always proved empty and undelivered.  The last WMS Linentablecloth tried just about sank the online linen retailer. In 2017 Linentablecloth paid tens of thousands of dollars to implement a new glitzy WMS and thousands more were spent each month on service fees. But the software proved disastrous. The employee count in the Memphis distribution center doubled, then tripled to over 100 employees, just to get orders out. In desperation, Linentablecloth scrapped the warehouse management software and reverted back to a simple paper picking system, with inventory tracked by a Google doc spreadsheet. Believe it or not, this rudimentary system actually worked better than the expensive WMS.

Finally, owner Ron Berrett decided to take matters into his own hands and partner with a few business and software friends he had met through the challenging years. They took the leap of faith and began building a real WMS that would actually deliver on its promises: a WMS that a new business could start and grow with that worked, but not a system with a million-dollar implementation price tag. A robust warehouse system that could remove the pain of switching systems every few years the way Linentablecloth did.

So a year was spent carefully planning, coding, testing and retesting the best system Ron and his partners could build, and SWIM was the happy result.

SWIM has improved Linentablecloth’s distribution warehouses dramatically. Today up to 1500 orders go everyday out on time and accurate thanks to SWIM’s “Supermarket Checkout” order verification process. Orders flow in from numerous sales channels: website, Amazon and eBay, and they are automatically allocated and routed to the appropriate fulfillment center, then inventory updates are sent to each sales channel in real time! The warehouse work force is leaner and happier. Costs are down and revenue is up!

“Finally, things just work the way they’re supposed to, thanks to SWIM. I couldn’t be happier,” says Mr. Berrett.